Getting to Solutions

We use specific domain knowledge to help solve complex and novel business problems by deploying data-driven and AI systems into production.

From streamlining supply chains to curing cancer, data is the key to a better future. We partner with our clients to understand their business imperatives and translate data into real-world results. We can help you deliver modern data platforms, beautiful dashboards, and game-changing AI solutions grounded in strategic thinking—unlocking new opportunities to cut costs, accelerate innovation, and win your customers’ hearts.

Consulting Services

Working with stakeholders from the initial data strategy, we combine the latest technical advances, real-world expertise, AI engineering, and an understanding of business and data requirements to generate operational value.

Data Strategy

We assist business leaders to understand and evaluate the essential areas for accelerating growth using their available and yet-to-be collected data coupled to potential AI use cases and data-driven strategies. Dream Ventures takes an integrative approach, looking holistically at your entire business and all its important individual components to find these scalable prototypes. By engaging our data scientists and consultants with leaders and internal development teams, we can identify and streamline a path and develop a roadmap towards the most valuable business priorities in weeks.

Data Engineering

Our consultants and data engineers specialize in developing on-prem, hybrid, and cloud architectures from data ingestion & ETL to modern compute systems leveraging GPU and AI Frameworks. From DevOps to MLOps, our team provides management of your company’s information assets, real-time compliance monitoring using automated techniques, and recommendations on designing and setting up a proper data warehouse, lake, storage, and compute architectures.

Data Science

Dream Ventures provides data science expertise across R&D, business, financial, and operational teams in each organization. We have deep knowledge in developing custom machine learning algorithms for specific business use cases. From engineering and data asset creation to data mining techniques that will help your company develop new technologies and drive revenue. We provide custom development of business intelligence tools, with custom dashboards, aggregation, predictive analytics, and enterprise-level governance and security knowledge. We create tools that significantly impact businesses and the understanding of critical trends, allowing companies to pull levers to set goals to improve performance.


90% of AI models created are never put into production at large enterprises. This leads to most projects not showing the value that business leaders expect. Dream Ventures works with clients to easily deploy machine learning projects written in modern languages and frameworks, on modern production infrastructures such as Kubernetes on any cloud or on-premise system. We also help manage the machine learning applications making updates to the models, including testing and validation of new models. Enforce governance policies related to machine learning models and capture the data that is required for strong governance practices in machine learning operations management, including who is publishing models, why changes are being made, and which models have been deployed over time.

Software Development

Our expert development team works with a variety of technologies and programming languages to build robust, scalable, and efficient applications. We are experienced in agile development methodologies and follow best practices for software development. Our services include but are not limited to custom software development, enterprise application development, and mobile application development.

Software Testing

Quality assurance is critical to the success of any software application. Our team of seasoned testing professionals ensures that your software meets the highest quality standards. We offer a variety of testing services including functional testing, performance testing, usability testing, and security testing. Our goal is to identify and resolve any potential issues before they affect your end-users.